SunSaluter is a 501(c)3 charitable organization which started as our founder Eden's high school science project, and grew into an award-winning technology used and featured around the world.  

Our Vision is social and environmental justice through a world with universal access to clean, convenient, and affordable energy and water.

Our Mission is accelerating access to clean energy and water by matching partners with high impact solar tracking and water filtration technologies.

We Believe In...Treating everyone we work with dignity and respect.
We Believe In...Embracing user-centric design and processes.
We Believe In...Working against poverty, fear and oppression.
We Believe In...Creating opportunities through a decent standard of living.

Meet the team

SunSaluter's international team is compromised of passionate and dedicated members hailing from India, Canada, the United States, Barbados and more!


Victoria Alleyne

Board Member

Victoria Alleyne loves growing social good, as the CEO of CatalystsX and Chair  of Career Skills Incubator. Her passions include: renewable energy (as former renewable energy project manager at CSA Group), socially responsible investment (through analyzing ESG data for Sustainalytics), youth social entrepreneurship (as a mentor for Online UWC courses), and impact measurement (as founder of Full Footprint, an environmental impact metric). Victoria is a graduate of Environment & Business at the University of Waterloo.


Eden Full Goh

Founder & Chair of the Board 

Eden is a software/mechanical engineer. Named one of the 30 under 30 in Forbes’ Energy category three years in a row, one of the US Chamber of Commerce’s IP Champions and Ashoka’s Youth Social Entrepreneur of the Year, Eden was a member of the Thiel Fellowship’s inaugural class. While working in Product Management at Palantir Technologies and Butterfly Network, Eden led the development of new software products that span the energy, healthcare and government sectors. Proudly Canadian, she studied Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science at Princeton University. 


Rachel Han

Board Member

Rachel is Director of Business Development at OpenDataSoft. Previously, she worked in consulting and economic development in New York, Pretoria/Johannesburg, Geneva, and Beijing. Rachel earned her BA in Economics and Healthcare Markets and Finance at the University of Pennsylvania and MBA at Harvard Kennedy School studying international relations.


Phil Hannam

Board Member

Phil works at the World Bank on climate change and development in the least developed economies. Phil has a PhD from the program in Science, Technology & Environmental Policy at Princeton University, working on climate and energy policy, development politics, and China. Phil was a research scholar at the Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi, India in 2015. From 2009-2011, Phil studied south-south cooperation as a Chinese Government Scholar in Shanghai. A mechanical engineer by background, Phil has been an intern with the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Beijing office, the U.N. Environment Program in Nairobi, the Joint Global Change Research Institute in Maryland, and the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s office of Environment and Energy in Washington, DC.


Shiuh-Wuu Victor Liu


Shiuh-Wuu (Victor) Liu is a data-driven problem solver and environmentally-minded thought leader interested in environmental justice and clean energy access. He is a licensed Professional Engineer with a BS in Structural Engineering from the University of California, San Diego and an International Business MBA from National Sun Yat-sen University. Professionally, he has worked at Enphase Energy, Langson Energy, Datameer and IBM.


Janmejay Rout


Janmejay is a graduate of the University of Odisha. Growing up in a community where agriculture, poverty, violence against women and access to education are big issues, Janmejay is passionate about working to protect vulnerable communities. He previously worked as a Programme Associate for the CCA-DRR (Climate Change Adaption and Disaster Risk Reduction) project of the European Union. Janmejay is dedicated to enhancing the capacity and livelihoods of farmers and women through his leadership.


Sambit Sasmal


Sambit Sasmal holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the Institute of Advanced Management and Research in Delhi. He began his career promoting the rights of women and children in India with the National Human Rights Foundation and UNICEF. He was the first Indian selected by the European Volunteer Service and helped disadvantaged immigrant families in Palermo, Italy. Since then has dedicated himself to protecting vulnerable communities. Sambit communicates with partners, coordinates projects, and makes sure our on-the-ground programs are successful.




Andie Goh, CAIA


Andie Goh is a Vice President in the Structured Investments Group at Ares Management, a publicly traded alternative asset manager with approximately $100 billion in assets under management. Prior to Ares, Andie held various sell-side roles at UBS and Credit Suisse. Andie holds a Bachelor's in Finance from NYU Stern and a Master's in Mathematics from Columbia University.


Ambika Nanda

CSR Networking

Dr. Ambika Prasad Nanda is a post graduate in Economics and did his doctoral studies at J.N.U., New Delhi, India. He has worked with international NGOs on the issues of education, land rights, sustainable livelihoods, climate change and disaster management. He has been a Member of the State Planning Board, Government of Odisha. He has also been the head of UNDP for Odisha and Jharkhand. Currently he is the head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Tata Steel in Odisha, facilitating sustainable development through community participation in an inclusive manner.


Saroj Nayak


Saroj K Nayak is currently professor and head of School of Basic Sciences at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bhubaneswar, India. Nayak joined IIT from a tenured position at Rensselaer. Dr. Nayak was a Princeton Materials Institute Jr. Fellow at Princeton University. His research interests lie at the interface of physics, chemistry and engineering, on the study of atomic and electronic structures of matters using ab initio electronic structure calculation and molecular dynamics simulations. Nayak cofounded Kalinga Renewable Energy Manufacturers (KARMA) that focuses on solar technology.



SunSaluter in India

While SunSaluters are around the world, India has been the heart, soul and proving ground. We support and have a special relationship with our partners in India, especially in the state of Odisha.

In addition to working with partners to install SunSaluters, as well as constantly improving product design and delivery, our volunteers lead workshops and speak across the region about the benefits of solar. We're proud that people are using cleaner electricity and have cleaner water as a direct result of our work, in addition to better access to education and income opportunities.


SunSaluter exists today because of the ideas, passion and time that the following individuals have contributed over the years:

Jason Bedard  |  Sarah Bishop  |  Karen Boncher  |  Yee Chen  |  Joseph Chern  |  David Colt  |  Don Daybell  |  Anuradha Dhavala  | Mischa Fierer  |  Danielle Fong  |  Radhakrishnan Govindaraj  |  Vicente Guerrero Meza  |  Makam Gurunath  |  Bill Hunt  |  Santosh Jha  |  Ryan-Tait Mapa  |  Sebastian Marshall  |   Lawrence Matengula  |  Robert Matengula  |  Akuzike Maliwichi  |  Rob Modzelewski  |  Kabir Nadkarni  |  Rebecca Offensend  |  Ryan Oster  |  Andrey Poleyatev  |  Augie Rakow  |  Courtney Roberts  |  Jake Schual-Berke  |  Ford Sylvester  |  Richard Whitney  |  Evin Wick  |  Helene Unland

We would like to thank all of our supporters and generous donors:

Deb and Tony Anderson  |  Irene Ao  |  Ares Management  |  David Brentlinger  |  John Chatzky  |   Jilly Chen  |  Canadian Solar  |  Shane Farell  |  Andrew Follick  |  Satyanarayana Gavarasana  |  GiveGetWin  |  Austin Hartman   |  Steve and Grace Hassid  |  Camilla Han-He  |  Ingeteam  |  Janice Huang  |  Bill Hunt  |  Katherine Loosley  |  Prad Nadakuduty  |  Vita Ng  |  The Offensend Family  |  Elspeth Ong  |  Ranjan Pal  |  Raj Rajaram  |   Recurrent Energy  |  Wolfram Schroers  |  Dan and Shay Schual-Berke  |  Software Craftsmanship Guild  |  Sarah Smith Orr  |  Nicholas Tyack  |  Emerald Xu  |  Ben Yu

... and all our anonymous donors <3



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