Humans of SunSaluter

While spreading SunSaluter's numerous deployments spanning the globe over the last few years, our SunSaluter team has met many incredible people who use solar in different ways to lead their lives. Here are a few of their stories:


Chandana, 12

SunSaluter is helping Chandana's resolve to become a civil engineer, making getting home safer, more time for studying, and cleaner water for her family. 


Balaram Shetty, 31

People who previously wouldn't speak to Balaram due to being part of the "untouchable" caste began to respect him and his new knowledge of solar. He now makes income from installing SunSaluters.


Mpala, Kenya

Solar charging stations installed locally allow 1,000 villagers to shift away from using kerosene lanterns.

Khoiri & Sirohi, India

More than 1,100 community members in these Haryana state communities have adopted the SunSaluter technology to improve their quality of life.


Dinabandhu, 71

"We have stopped using kerosene lamps. I am so inspired to share this story with my friends and during town hall meetings."


Deepak, 12

"The water is disinfected and we can consume at least 7 litres per day. This technology is so easy and simple. My friend and I are responsible for monitoring it in our community."

K-Plot Island, India

Local community members are discovering how the SunSaluter technology can be adapted for their needs.



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