Let's get you a SunSaluter!


Increase solar output by 30-40% compared to stationary solar panels. SunSaluters make use of simple designs, local materials, and include the option to add water filters. They are the only solar trackers designed for the developing world, by a non-profit that wants them in the hands of as many people as possible. 

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Build Your SunSaluter

There are three simple stages to building your own SunSaluter solar panel tracker. 

By voluntarily building your own SunSaluter based on the content available here, you agree to take full responsibility for the assembly, maintenance and usage of the system and its parts. You are proceeding at your own risk and you release SunSaluter from any liability.


Stage 1: Preparation

Gather the necessary materials to assemble your SunSaluter.

Stage 2: Frame Assembly

In this stage, we'll guide you to assemble the frame that the solar panel is mounted on.

Stage 3: Adding Water Clock & Counterweight

Getting this stage right is crucial. The solar panel rotates using the weight imbalance of the water clock.