Build: Water Clock & Counterweight

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Step 1:

Take the hook for the water clock (2.a.) and loop it around one of the component clamps (1) as shown in the picture to the bottom right. Do the same with the counterweight loop (2.b.), using the fixed loop (highlighted in yellow below) to attach to the component clamp.


Step 2: 

Attach the first component clamp (with the water clock hook) to the East-facing side of the solar panel, such that the bolts are on the underside. Tighten the bolts until they are snug. Now hang the water clock on the S-hook.


Step 3:

Attach the second component clamp (with the counterweight loop) in similar fashion on the the West-facing side of the solar panel and tighten bolts until the clamp is snug.

 Interior View (top) and Exterior View (bottom)

Step 4:

Fill your counterweight bag with approximately the same weight as the full soda bottles (1L of water weighs 1kg). For example, if you are using two 2L soda bottles, then your counterweight should be about 4kg. Once the bag is full, insert the top of the bag into the loop (highlighted in blue in the picture above). Then pull on the loop to tighten it, and the counterweight bag should be held firmly in place, as shown below.

Note: after finishing the SunSaluter setup and testing it, you may find you need to add or remove some of the weight to fine-tune the balance.


Step 5: 

Fill up the water bag with four liters of water. Lightly press down on the top to clear the bag of any excess air, and shut the top. As shown below, roll the top of the bag forward (towards the SunSaluter logo) two full times, then lift the ends up and clasp them together. The loop for hanging the bag visible in the rightmost photo, should be facing up. Note: if the top is not rolled twice, the bag may be damaged when hanging.


Step 6:

 Insert the blue tube into the flow valve. If you ever want to remove the tube, push on the blue ring surrounding the valve, then pull on the tube.


Step 7:

Hang the water bag by the plastic loop using the hook which is hanging from the clamp on the solar panel. Gently let go of the bag and let the SunSaluter rebalance. When full, the bag should be lower than the counterweight. Face the side with the water bag to the east so that it faces the sunrise every morning.


The above graphic depicts how the SunSaluter should rotate and follow the sun throughout the day.


Step 8

You will use the valve to adjust the flow rate, which in turn controls the solar panel’s rate of rotation. Open the valve to increase the flow of water, and increase the speed of rotation, or close it to decrease the flow and slow the rotation. It may take you several days to fine-tune it until it is just right. Once you have it set where you like, tighten the disc to lock the valve in place. See Step 17 for a table of ideal flow rates.


Step 9

To ensure that the flow rate is correct, measure how much water drips out in a 15 minute period. Using a measure cup or a soda bottle to estimate how fast the water is flowing out. The ideal flow should rotate the whole system in 10 hours, so you should have about 100-200 mL of water coming out every 15 minutes. If more than that is coming out, tighten the valve a little bit. If there is too little water coming out, open the valve a bit (see Step 16 for details).  Remember to fill up the water bag each day!



Congratulations! You've finished the walk-through.

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