"I belong to a community of fishermen."

My father goes on fishing trips for months in the sea to bring back home some food. We do not own any agricultural land. During the months my father is not at home, my mother collects firewood from the forest for our livelihood and cooking.


Months ago my mother was attacked by a wild boar in the forest. Since then, I started to help her to collect wood, which meant I had to drop out from school. Many of my friends are not able to go to school like me because the government has not set up a school nearby. We have to travel 6 km away to get to school by boat in another community. We do not have money to pay the boat fares every day.

In my community, we have never seen what electricity looks like. I was born in darkness. We normally finish all of our major work during the day and have to go to bed in the dark. In these coastal areas, the paths are slippery with mud and full of poisonous reptiles and animals. It can be too dangerous to walk in the dark.

Recently, a group of people came to build something in our community centre about 500 m away from my house. My friends and I were very curious about this strange activity, as they brought silver-like plates with them and were fixing them to the rooftop. This team told us that these plates would bring electricity from the sun!

One day, all of the children and our parents were invited to visit the new educational centre. We were very happy to see a library of books, a place to play sports and much more. We now have teachers who care for us and guide us properly.

I told my parents that my dream can come true to become a government block officer. I want to improve the quality of our village development plan.

Still, I was very curious how these silver plates would provide us with electricity. As it was getting dark in the evening, I saw the teacher go and turn on a switch. Our whole classroom was completely filled with light and we were able to see - just like in the day! We were all jumping and playing with happiness.

Our teacher explained that these plates are called solar panels! They supply power by absorbing energy from the sun's rays. We also learned about the new SunSaluter technology, where solar panels can rotate by using water.

We can now study even late at night because of the extra electricity. The same water is disinfected and we can consume at least 7 litres of water per day.

This technology is so easy and simple. My friend Bapi and I are responsible for monitoring it in our community. With my dream of becoming a block officer, I would like to build solar library centres like this so that no child will ever have to drop out of school ever again.

I believe education can eradicate poverty, and I would like to thank SunSaluter for saving our dreams.

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