Communities in Khoiri and Sirohi often went weeks without electricity.


For many years, Ms. Begum's large family of seventeen had dealt with the troubling electricity shortages. This lack was of electricity was no minor inconvenience - it seriously hampered many aspects of her family's life.

When our SunSaluter team spoke to her about the worst problems resulting from this lack of power, she brought up troubles that no mother should have to experience:  how difficult it was for her children to study, the problem of cooking meals, her fear of wild animals at night, and how stifling the summer heat was without fans.


In collaboration with our partner, the Skilled Samaritan Foundation, we helped Ms. Begum's family install several SunSaluter units. What a big hit they became! Since the installation of the SunSaluter on Ms. Begum's rooftop, the family is able to charge a backup battery which can be used for over a week when the power doesn’t come through.

She says she’s happy now that her children can study. They can go out of their house in evenings with less fear of wild boars and they can now sleep in the night despite the summer heat.

The success of the project prompted a wave of enthusiasm throughout the village. Many community members asked about joining the SunSaluter team, requesting to become distributors or to learn how to manufacture the systems. 

Inspired by the success in Khoiri and Sirohi, over the following months, three neighbouring villages totaling 1,100 people implemented their own version of the SunSaluter Systems!


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