In 2010, two villages in Kenya lacked access to adequate electricity for basic needs.


With about 500 people in each village, the communities were not generating or receiving enough energy to power all the needs of the community. Villagers used kerosene for light in the evening, and they travelled an hour each way whenever possible to the nearby town to charge their cell phones for just an hour or two.


In partnership with the Mpala Research Center nearby, early prototypes of the SunSaluter were installed on 60W community charging stations. The SunSaluters eliminated these challenges for the communities by providing the convenience of electricity locally while generating extra power to charge additional cell phones and lanterns.


Community members no longer had to travel to faraway towns just to charge phones. They no longer had to use kerosene to light there homes. With the plentiful solar energy provided by the installed SunSaluters, all of the necessary power is generated within the town.

Maintenance is easy, with community members both old and young chipping in, bridging the generational gap of energy understanding.


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